July 14 – Artwork

Local artwork is on display at most Tremont businesses.

See the list below for details, and check back next month for updates.




Doubting Thomas  |  The Bubble People find the Moontrees

by Val Seeley with minimalist artist Norbert Ziebold

Val Seeley is a self-taught artist who has been contributing to group shows at Doubting Thomas and galleries in Columbus, Ohio for the past 17 years. She started painting as a child not showing her art until she was in her 50s. This is her first major Cleveland show where she will have several pieces. Val has been painting the “Moontrees and Bubble People” for many years. There is a story that goes with them. Feel free to ask her about it at the opening, or let your own imagination tell you it’s story. Either way it will be an evening of magical possibilities.


Tremont Tap House  |  Justin Rose & Jacob Tobia

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 6.01.45 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-06 at 8.28.16 PMJustin Rose is a high school dropout turned photographer/musician, born in Northeast Ohio, raised in Louisiana, with time spent living in cities including Columbus, NYC, San Diego and San Francisco. Taking inspiration from these cities, he has incorporated that same variety into his photos. In addition to working in commercial photography, Rose’s works have been featured with MassAppeal, MishkaNYC and showcased in exhibits across the country.

Jacob Tobia is a Cleveland-based photographer focused on urban and lifestyle imagery. His work showcases unorthodox views of Cleveland from above the streets. 


Treehouse  |  Elisa Vietri

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 1.58.38 PMCleveland photographer, Elisa Vietri may be best known for her ability to surreptitiously document the nuances of her fair city, but that is far from her only talent. Her eye for beauty has captured portraits, events, and landscapes around the world with her distinctive style. From postindustrial landscapes, to the cliffs of Italy’s coast, to America’s Route 66, Elisa’s camera has found every type of neighborhood, architecture and expression, both human and inanimate. She brings the world around her to life with her lens.

As the premier photographer for the Cool Cleveland weekly newsletter, Elisa’s work has fascinated Cleveland aficionados for several years. Her 2011 one woman gallery show at Beck Café opened to local accolades. Elisa describes her work as “documenting my life and living a life I really want to remember”. She communicates that via her camera lens, in details that many never notice. Much like the slow food movement teaches us to eat mindfully, Elisa’s photography teaches us to observe with a mindful eye.

In addition to her show at the Beck Café, her photography has been featured at Beachwood Community Center’s “Art Effect” show, Doubting Thomas Gallery’s “Burning River City” show, Coffee Phix’s Storefront Art Initiative Project, and the 2012 Beachwood Library Fall Photography Show.

Her striking, off-beat nostalgia captures the great memories of Cleveland’s past as well as the futuristic renditions of Cleveland’s buildings, fashion, and people. She always has a camera in hand and she chronicles what she sees. Pay attention, she has documented something you missed. Her photography ranges from enchanting to hauntingly beautiful. Elisa deliberately slows down and catches all the exquisite idiosyncrasies of her life and extends a gracious invitation via her photography to see the world through her eyes. It’s a lovely view.


Grain  |  James Hamilton

James Hamilton studied under the acclaimed Windsor chair maker Joe Graham. James now incorporates the traditional design features of Windsor chairs into the creative construction of all kinds of furniture that will make a unique statement in your home or office. His innovative style has evolved further by combining the natural feel of reclaimed barn wood with edgy metal elements to create one of kind pieces.
Including sculpture by artist, Matthew Albright.

Lyle Heath will be playing singer/songwriter material from 12-4 and DJ Peter Pleasure Cruise will be playing from 4-8.

2418 Professor Ave


Flying Monkey  |  Jeff NcNaught

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.03.09 PMJeff McNaught is a Cleveland, Ohio based artist dedicated to pedal-powered machines and the outdoors. Cyclophilic began as an off-shoot of the artwork of Jeff McNaught to give the designs a functional purpose beyond wall-hanging. Cycling is about being out in it. he also creates one of a kind practical items and furniture from locally sourced wood, metal and glass. www.cyclophilic.com


Ty Fun  |  Susan Lynden

“My style of painting is detailed, striving to create works that are more life-like. In contrast, I have rediscovered the Art of Collage, a technique I first practiced during my years of study. Enjoying the distinction between my more realistic watercolors, the loose spontaneity and abstract interpretation utilized in my collages provides me with a new voice.

Today I can often be found creating several works at the same time. The ability to switch between the careful techniques of my watercolors to the loose free style of collage has provided me with a new energy and joy.”

My Ty Fun $5
Egg Roll $5
Pad Thai $10


Loop  |  Fume 17, a show of Graffiti by The Sign Guy

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.08.13 PMThe Sign Guy paints superhero salt shakers, fire-breathing “Catzillas” and other bright cartoony creatures that often have a slightly mischievous (sometimes even malevolent) edge. And he does it all on repurposed materials and found objects.

The Sign Guy was and is first and foremost a graffiti artist, but the well-deserved interest in his distinctive creations are giving him a more legitimate outlet for at least some of his inspirations.

Music by DJ Sonns


The SouthSide  |  Paige Knoefel

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.12.10 PMPaige is from the Ceveland’s east side and attends Cleveland State University for Studio Art. Paige uses her knowledge and love of nature and music to express herself. She uses acrylic paint and mixed media to create a positive feeling, and uses past life experiences to spontaneously create her work.

Featuring a new food and cocktail menu
Karaoke every Walkabout Tremont night from 10 pm to 1 am


Fat Cats  |  Betsy Jaszczak

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.14.19 PMBetsy is currently studying art education at Bowling Green State University. Her passion is oil painting, and is looking to pursue a career in it. She has been painting since she was twelve years old, and feels blessed with many opportunities to further her study of it. She also enjoys teaching art to children and watching them express themselves through the use of different art materials.


Tremont Scoops  |  Garrett Weider

Cleveland-based collage art



Fahrenheit  |  Lila Rose Kole

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.15.30 PMLila Rose Kole presents the Fahreneit industrial collection: 15 Industrial Chic abstract works in acrylic. Lila’s work can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Beachwood, the Aloft Hotel, Matter of Design in Hudson and in private collections from San Francisco to Boston.

Classic cars will be parked out for front for viewing

Ask about our all-American food specials


Climb Cleveland  |  Art by Multiple Artists

Emmalyn Tringali. Emmalyn is an art activist, art teacher and a contemporary representational painter. She studied at the Florence Academy of Art abroad and at LCAD, the Laguna College of Art. With her figural work she hopes to inspire love between individuals. With her landscapes she hopes to inspire a greater care of the natural world.

Rob Strand. Photographer Robert Strand is a silly person currently living in Cleveland. He enjoys conveying scenes of natural beauty (preferably outdoors) with the marvelous mechanism called the camera. He would love to talk to you about art and his photos, but you will probably have to approach him to get the conversation going.

Jon Sedor. A Cleveland native, Jon creates and lives as a right handed person since his dominant left hand was amputated in a serious accident. Besides graphic design and painting, Jon is a sponsored rock climber. Mountains and oceans are his home away from home.

Howard Collier is a graduate of Brooklyn College/CUNY, Brooklyn, New York. He teaches at Notre Dame College in Lyndhurst and Cuyahoga Community College, Eastern Campus.

Billy Delfs is drawn to the magic of the outdoors, notably credited with capturing a series of prints documenting Cleveland’s inspiring surf community. His visionary-style, strong work ethic and passion for travel with his camera serve agencies and businesses looking to build an intuitive story and voice for their brands through dynamic advertising and editorial publicity. His synergistic approach to the image creation process empowers him to create powerful images that support one’s goals, message and brand.

Josh Musial is an emerging educator in both the arts and the outdoors, as well as a student of art therapy.

Adrian Eisenhower earned his MFA in painting at SCAD, Savannah, Georgia. He teaches drawing and painting at the Cleveland School of the Arts.

Julius Barkley. Cleveland born and raised illustrator.

Artwork by Tim Herron and Greg Murray also on display.



Robert Hartshorn Studio & Gallery  |  The Art of Industry, Group show

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.16.22 PMWorks of art in acrylic, oil, multi-media, lighting, iron and sculpture that celebrate Cleveland’s rustbelt heritage and emergence as the preeminent home of Industrial Chic. Artists Rob Hartshorn, Fred Gearhart, David Adshade, Lila Rose Kole, Glenn Murray and Ken Love present different perspectives on how industry influences art.


Bac  |  Bili Kribbs

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.16.56 PMBili Kribbs is a practicing teaching artist and a resident of Lakewood, Ohio who utilizes a range of mediums including acrylic paint (represented here), canvas constructs, screen printing, video, animation and sculpted plastic resign toys.

Kribbs’ whimsical musings are loosely rendered, colorful, imaginative and surreal, often drawing inspiration from pop-culture, sci-fi & animated films.

Kribbs is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in animation. His artwork has been seen at several shows and galleries throughout North East Ohio. Two Garbage to Glory murals by Kribbs are present in downtown Canton.  His work won Best in Show at the Stark County Artists Exhibit 2008 and Runner-up in the 2011 Massillon Art Battle. Kribbs was awarded Citizen Artist of the Year 2012 by Arts in Stark.

Hi & Dry  |  Jill LeMieux

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.20.02 PMJill creates animal portraits with personality. Using pointillism and a mosaic-like style, she has developed a signature look that explores color, contrast, and texture. Jill’s technique, combined with the subject matter,
results in work that is intense, yet playful and often humorous.
Contrast is a theme that runs throughout her work – from the media to the subject matter. Jill works with a combination of colored pencil, ink, and sometimes watercolor. Her portraits regularly feature country animals from her childhood with a contrasting accessory or city background representing her life today.


Civilization  |  Rust Belt Flannels

Pop-up show under the tent on Lincoln Park: Rust Belt Flannels, Jewelry, and more.


Tremont General Store  |  Greg Murray

His work has been published in the press worldwide, live on tv, online and in print on the following: Huffington Post, Today, Elle Magazine, Daily Mail, The Mirror, Bark Post, Mashable, Fox News Network, San Francisco Chronicle, The Telegraph, MSN, Bored Panda, Cleveland Magazine, American Photography Magazine, Buzzfeed and more.

Stop by to see City Dogs Cleveland


Edison’s  |  Fade Resistant

Respected and Self-Motivated Professional Artist with over 20 years experience. Producing around 120 large paintings per year show how passionate, dedicated and motivated Miguel Garcia is with his talent. From Treacherous hot days to Blizzards, no season has ever stopped his commitment to fulfill a job due within a timeline.
Mr. Garcia is known for his extraordinary work on the Romp & Stomp (Kids Facility) building, murals at Barbershops, indoor/outdoor walls and fences. With a broad sense of knowledge, Mr. Garcia equips himself with the necessary tools to get the job done efficiently and amazingly.
From canvas to concrete and irregular objects such as rifles, he is able to effortlessly paint various objects such as buildings, landscapes, human figures, animals, marvel characters, space and futuristic environments.

Drink Special: $5 select draft beers for Walkabout Tremont


Paul Duda Gallery

Iconic images of Cleveland by Paul Duda


Merchant Street

Artists provided by Hedge Gallery


Lava Lounge  |  Jordan Wong

Jordan Wong, local graphic designer, illustrator, and artist, will be debuting five new works at Lava Lounge. Each piece references an element in Chinese culture through interpretive, abstract line work and playful imagery.


Ake’demik  |  Jim Lanza

Ake-demik is an eclectic, lifestyle boutique located in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood. Our name is meant to represent Tremont’s scholarly history. The store’s modern industrial design pays homage to Cleveland’s industrial past. Our store brings together a unique variety of jewelry, gifts, and accessories. We offer a little something for him and her! As natives of Cleveland, we are proud to carry and support local businesses. Moreover, the majority of the products we carry are made in the USA.


Giancarlo Calicchia Gallery

“Playful Sculpture” in the artist’s sculpture studio and garden. Visit the studio to see works in progress, the artist at work surrounded by his favorite outdoor works of art.

Sculptor and painter Giancarlo Calicchia is known for his massive stone sculptures; he’s worked in bronze and wood as well. His public art pieces are on display at places like Kent State University, the University of Cincinnati and Cuyahoga Community College.


Grumpy’s  |  Ben Steller & Glenn Murray

For the first time, Cleveland born photographer Ben Steller shares over a decade’s worth of prints from his adventures in and around Cleveland. This collection of skyline, landmark, landscape and abandonment prints, shows you the Cleveland he grew up with and discovered. A sample of his work can be seen at exploreshootframe.com and Instagram @explore.shoot.frame

Glenn Murray is an already accomplished painter in the tradition of Cleveland’s finest home grown industrial genre. His vivid painterly style captures the hidden gems of Cleveland rust belt architecture and marine activity.