Bring your dog out for a walk on the wild side

posted by admin June 8, 2017

C’mon Down to Tremont on June 9 for . . .
Walkabout on the Wild Side

And don’t forget to . . .

  • Bring your Basset,
  • Pack your Pomeranian
  • Accompany your Airedale and
  • Include your Irish Setter

Because dozens of Tremont establishments are pet friendly! Most Tremont stores, galleries and even restaurants are happy to Welcome your Weimaraner and Admit your Akita. The bars and eateries below are especially Hospitable to Hounds, Amenable to Afgans and Friendly to French Bulldogs, although at most of them, it’s patio-dining only for four-footed guests.

  • Barrio
  • Beviamo
  • Civilization
  • Fat Cats
  • Flying Monkey
  • Grain
  • Hi & Dry
  • Lava Lounge
  • Loop
  • Merchant Street Provisions and Eatery
  • Prosperity Social Club
  • Tremont Scoops
  • Tremont Tap House

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