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Monthly Event Features Multiple Art Receptions Friday Nov. 11 from 5 – 10 p.m.

CLEVELAND (November 8, 2016) – The monthly Walkabout Tremont is returning to its roots Friday, November 11 from 5 to 10 p.m. and throughout the winter with art openings across the neighborhood. Venues throughout Tremont will exhibit work by local artists in the traditional gallery exhibition format with artist talks, cheese and refreshments, and musical performers.

In addition to the art openings listed below, the night will have extended hours at art galleries and retail shops and a variety of fall-themed food and drink specials at Tremont’s restaurants and bars. Visitors can also enjoy locally produced art in many shops, restaurants and bars, view a local history display, and take smartphone-based audio tours of Lincoln Park and area churches.


Saint for Everything
Diane Collins, Laureen and Joanie Deveney, June Hund, James Jenkins, Chris Yarmock, Robert Thurber

“A Saint for Everything”

Doubting Thomas
856 Jefferson Ave. (#26 on Walkabout Map)

“A Saint for Everything” displays a multitude of “takes” on an illuminating subject…There are tons of patron saints. You name it, the church probably has a saint for it, thank Heaven! In honor of All Saints Day, let’s honor all the saints—even if they’re patrons of really obscure and wonderful things. You never know when you might need them!

Music by Francesca Macri

Lila Rose Kole

“Ways of Seeing: Reimagining A Sense of Place acrylic paintings”

Robert Hartshorn Studio & Gallery
2342 Professor Ave. (#31 on Walkabout Map)

Lila Rose Kole is a professional full-time working artist, producing paintings in the style of the New American Tonalists, a contemporary interpretation of 19th Century artists who expressed the poetry of nature in their works: emoting an essence rather than a likeness. Most recently she was co-owner of the gallery The Vault at 78th Street Studios (Cleveland). Her hours are now consumed by creating commissioned artworks for corporate and private collections, directing Robert Hartshorn Studio & Gallery in Tremont (Cleveland), and teaching others to find their own painting voices.

Music by In2ative: avante-garde flute and cello duo

Artur Berg

Veterans Day in Art

Post 1
2234 Professor Avenue (#34 on Walkabout Map)

Artur Berg is an award-winning artist portrait painter who focuses on figural work but continues to follow his creative curiosity through a variety of medium, from photography to graphic design. He holds a degree in graphic design from VMCAD and was owner of the Renaissance Art Gallery, which emphasized expression through art.

Music by DJ Britton-Zinn

Ty Fun
John Saile

“Leaning to Abstraction”

Ty Fun
815 Jefferson Ave. (#21 on Walkabout Map)

“Most of my work leans to abstraction. Whether a screen print, a painting, or both, this is my current avenue of artistic expression. I often utilize printmaking techniques in combination with painting and photography. I photograph settings, drawings and poured imagery. I digitally recompose and screen print onto paper and canvas. Often, I paint on the substrate before I print. I maintain a steadfast reverence for color, as it is a vehicle on which our emotions are delivered” – John Saile.


Herald Martin

“Color Me Out”

2180 W. 11th (#41 on Walkabout Map)

New analog color photography from Herald Martin. A Cleveland-based photographer, Martin draws inspiration from his background in street photography and visual design to find inspiration from his environment and the “joys and hardships of everyday life.”

Music by DJ Pal

Rebecca Carey

“Autumn Trees” – Lucky’s Café, 777 Starkweather Ave (#L1 on Walkabout Map)

Art showing plus coffee and dessert. Rebecca Carey was born and raised under the leaves of Lakewood, Ohio. .. “I was taught to love and appreciate the nature around me; My art is a representation of how I see nature in all her seasons. This show is an especially autumnal celebration.”

Music by Jeremy Isaiah

Heather Diana Vaselaney

“Cleveland Celebrates” – Calluna, 807 Literary Rd. (#8 on Walkabout Map)

Originally from Chesterland, Heather Diana Vaselaney made the jump from east to west when she moved to Lakewood. A graduate of Ohio University, she studied communications and was a Gateway Excellence scholar. An aspiring artist who began painting at age 11 and making her own jewelry at 16, Vaselaney owns, works and displays her art at Calluna Gallery in Tremont. She describes her work as “colorful and stylized,” noting that the process of creation is therapeutic and serves as an outlet. She hopes to someday become an art therapist, helping people work through issues with art.


About Walkabout Tremont
Walkabout Tremont honors the artistic vision of Jean Brandt, who started the Tremont ArtWalk in 1993, with open galleries on the second Friday of each month. Walkabout Tremont expands the event’s focus with music, street entertainment, local history, restaurant and bar specials, and pop-up tents featuring art and artists from within and outside Tremont. Special Walkabout Tremont events will be staged throughout the second weekend of each month. More specifics, an event map, neighborhood tours and gallery/store/restaurant hours are posted on #WalkaboutTremont




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