Walkabout Mardi Gras – Beads, Booze & Art Feb. 10

posted by admin February 2, 2017

Walkabout Tremont kicks off the Mardi Gras celebration early the second Friday of this month (February 10) from 5 to 10 p.m., featuring 10 different art openings happening on or near Professor Avenue, a Mardi Gras “passport” book with prizes, beads, live music, and food and drink specials throughout Tremont—including Bourbon Street Barrel Room with its New-Orleans inspired décor and cuisine. Many art venues will exhibit work by local artists in the traditional gallery exhibition format with artist talks, snacks and refreshments, and musical performers.

In addition to the art openings listed below, the night will have extended hours at art galleries and retail shops. Visitors can also enjoy locally produced art in many shops, restaurants and bars, and take smartphone-based audio tours of Lincoln Park and area churches.


Lila Rose Kole – Closing Reception
Ways of Seeing: Reimagining A Sense of Place acrylic paintings
Robert Hartshorn Studio & Gallery; 2342 Professor Ave.
Lila has been hard at work since her show opened at the December Walkabout Tremont. Also on display are her newest, never seen before paintings of 2017. Lila Rose Kole is a professional full-time working artist, producing paintings in the style of the New American Tonalists, a contemporary interpretation of 19th Century artists who expressed the poetry of nature in their works: emoting an essence rather than a likeness. This will be Lila’s last show before she leaves Cleveland for an exploration abroad.
Music by In2ative: avante-garde flute

Bruce Conforti
A collection of abstract paintings
Dante Next Door; 2247 Professor Avenue
Originally from Cleveland, Conforti attended the Academy of Art College for Design in San Francisco completing his studies in 1980 as well as heading to Europe for eight months of study in Paris and Florence before returning to Cleveland to open an art studio. His works of art are found in homes and businesses throughout the United States and Europe.
Live Music by Jeremy Isaiah

Giancarlo Calicchia Gallery
Four emerging artists: “Feelings & Thoughts…. beginnings of future work”
722 Literary Avenue
Sculptor and painter Giancarlo Calicchia is known for his massive stone sculptures; he’s worked in bronze and wood as well. His public art pieces are on display at places like Kent State University, the University of Cincinnati and Cuyahoga Community College. Giancarlo is hosting four emerging artists: Original sketches and portraits by Aiyanna Adorjan, photography by Cheyenne Carswell, original sketches by Donald Waddy Jr., and original sketches by Biagi Calicchia.

Matthew Albright
Grain; 2379 Professor Ave
Albright’s artwork embodies the engineering discipline he was trained in, and the subconscious desire to escape from the system in which it is applied. The process of escape begins with recycled materials, with Albright’s focus being copper and stainless due to their ability to resist corrosion. These recycled materials are re-formed into primarily nature-based sculptures, using both primitive and modern techniques. Each piece is visualized and sketched in order to provide a goal to work towards. The sketch comes to life through the use of fire, electricity and simple hand tools. Serving refreshments and snacks from 4-11 p.m.
Music by DJ Peter Pleasure Cruise from 7-11 p.m.

Doubting Thomas
“Eclectic Mash”
856 Jefferson Ave.
Collaborative art work by Eric Esquivel, Joe Ayala,Natalia Dale , Sylvette Msl and more. Amazing glass sculptures by Quade Leana. Super Cool Merchandise by: Joseph Shaw and Tattoo inspired jewelry by: Star’s and Dots-Nicci Rose.
Music by Michelle Cornell and Deejay Wednesday

Dan Cromaz
Tremont General Store 2418 Professor Ave.
Dan Cromaz is a Cleveland based photographer who is formally trained in visual communication design. The images he produces are inspired by the beauty and flaws of urban living. Many of the background scenes will be recognizable by Cleveland art lovers.

Kari Solomon
Painter and Photographer
Treehouse; 820 College Ave.
Kari Solomon is an accomplished photographer, illustrator, painter and potter. Inspired by everything from movies and graphic novels to urban environments and rural spaces, she constantly seeks new ways to represent, reveal and reinterpret the human figure. Education typifies Kari’s diverse interests and passions: She holds a BA in management, a minor in photography and MBA in sustainability.

Erin Mazza
Pop artist
Edison’s; 2373 Professor Ave.
“I believe art chose me. It has been a long journey and sometimes journeys end or get put on hold. Until a year ago, I didn’t paint for 8 years. I picked my paint brush back up and my journey hasn’t stopped. I strive to make people smile, maybe even chuckle a little; adult themes with playful images conveyed in a childlike manner to keep things lighthearted, fresh and new. POP pieces, crisp imagery with a hint of satire. I believe one of the biggest gifts I can provide to a person is the ability to make them happy, laugh and hopefully allow them to escape from their harsh realities of life.”
Music with DJ Hovaround

LOOP Crew Group Show
LOOP 2180 W. 11th Street
Featuring photos by Jesse Mervis, acrylic painting by Melissa Schwachenwald, artisinal upscale garbage by Adam Gravatt, photos by Kory Gasser.
Solo performances by Liz Kelly of the Village Bicycle, Matthew Rolin of Nowhere, and Paul Ryan of Soft Copy


  • BG Gallery 2153 Professor Avenue—Biago Gallo, abstract painter
  • Calluna 807 Literary Rd.—Heather Diana Vaselaney: Cleveland Celebrates, New Jewelry and 100 new Mini-canvases
  • Paul Duda Gallery—Iconic images of Cleveland by Paul Duda
  • Flying Monkey—art by Tony Byrd
  • Fahrenheit—Lila Rose Kole, Art of Industry, a collection of industry inspired abstract paintings.
  • Ty Fun—art by Chris Della Vella
  • Tremont Tap House—paintings and portraits by Grace Casarilla
  • Studio Le Beau—paintings of Angels by Kati Russell
  • Lava Lounge—Laura Wimbels, photography, Faces of Cleveland
  • Akedemik—Jim Lanza
  • Southside—Erin Jesson
  • Merchant Street—multiple artists provided by Hedge Gallery
  • Fat Cats—art by Joshua Rex
  • Grumpy’s—Renee Martinez photography, Richard Meyer painter, Sandi Valois stained glass
  • Wine & Design—Bill Pappas photography

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