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Furniture Makers

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2nd Friday of each month
And by Appointment

Paul and Alex are both self taught furniture makers that share a passion for elegant design and high-quality, handcrafted furniture, made from solid hardwoods harvested from urban areas.

Paul found his passion for woodworking later in life. He started his first career as a die maker, specialitising in plastic injection molds for 20 years. Paul moved to Germany to be with his wife, where he decided to take up woodworking as a hobby, and by the end of their 15 year residency overseas, he was a fulltime professional furniture maker. Upon his arrival back to the United States, in 2007, he set up shop in the historic developing neighborhood of Tremont, just south of Downtown Cleveland.

Alex found his passion for furniture making while he was in highschool, when he enrolled in the only class available for his schedule, basic woodworking. Alex fell in love with the pride and satisfaction that comes with creating a physical product from imagination and continued to invested in tools and materials to build furniture on his own time. Upon graduating from high school, Alex was accepted to the University of Dayton where he double majored in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, knowing that he wanted to start his own fine furniture company upon graduating in 2008. Alex set up shop in his fathers gargage, located in Tremont, just 5 blocks from Paul’s shop.

Paul and Alex found a common passion and goal, and a year or two after forming a mutual relationship and respect for eachothers work, Alex joined Paul’s business where they both work together to create one-off custom pieces of handmade furniture.